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Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Advisory Committee Information

The Advisory Committee serves as a resource for the ESE Director and school principals

 in matters pertaining to ESE Programs and services. It considers ideas, concepts and project

 activities benefiting children with disabilities, and receives reports from sub-committees.


 Sub-Committees are created from advisory members, community members, parents

 and any community resources, e.g. Universities, Disability Research Organizations

 or child serving agencies. They generate solutions to meet prioritized needs

identified by the Advisory Committee and present them to the Advisory Committee.

Central Florida Parent Center

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Community Partners

ESE Advisory Meetings

ESE Advisory Roster

Exceptional Education & Student Support Services Department Support for Conflict Resolution

FLPBS Model Schools

A PBS:RtIB Model School is one that has met specific criteria and has reported innovative,

 creative, and functional ways of supporting PBS:RtIB in their respective school. Specific

characteristics of PBS:RtIB Model Schools are their consistent methods of: (1) utilizing

their data to better serve the students and staff, (2) teaching PBS:RtIB to new

students throughout the school year, (3) creative and engaging reward systems,

(4) extending PBS:RtIB throughout the campus and partnering with the  community and

parents, and  (5) including PBS:RtIB into daily activities across all available

 teaching opportunities.

Libraries for Students with Disabilities


Process and Practice Information

Sample IEP Notice

Sharing the Committment ESE Conference PowerPoint - 09.22.12 (PDF Version)

Sharing the Commitment in Hawaii

Site Based Resource Parent Letter of Introduction

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