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Sharing The Commitment to Excellence




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"Sharing the Commitment" is a collaborative advisory to the Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Department in the Collier County Public Schools. The advisory has been created to:

  Foster increased communication, commitment, and shared responsibilities between the school district, parents and community agencies to provide quality programs and services    to students with disabilities in our schools

  Provide a forum for parents with students with disabilities to discuss critical issues and concerns and to provide input for federal grant spending for IDEA Entitlement

  Serve as a resource for the ESE Director and school site Principals in matters pertaining to ESE programs and services

  Provide information and training to school‐based administrators, staff and community agencies on the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).

The Exceptional Student Education Department, the South Florida Parent Center, and the Florida Diagnostic and Learning Resource System (FDLRS), provide information, training and support to parents, educators, and agencies regarding services and programs for students with disabilities. Sharing the Commitment sponsors workshops or training for all persons interested in services for students with disabilities. All schools and community agencies sponsoring a training or workshop receive an ESE Parent/Professional Library for their school media center.


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